Welcome to SCUBA For Everyone


Experience the excitement of the underwater world !

SCUBA For Everyone is a dive club for divers of all levels. It was established in 1996, by an avid diver, an underwater photographer who is now a PADI Master Instructor. This club is only affiliated with reputable dive facilities in Northern California.

For over a decade, SCUBA For Everyone has been serving the dive community as a Recreational Dive Education Center, where hundreds of people became certified PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) divers and continue to dive safely.

SCUBA for Everyone offers very flexible and personalized training programs that fit all needs, from beginners to certified divers with the desire to advance to the next level. Whether you want to take SCUBA lessons or if you simply want to explore some local dive sites in Northern California, join us for a scheduled fun dive! In addition, this club organizes annual dive trips--join our exploration of the blue planet to experience the underwater world.